Why should I try Fitpot?
Want to lose some weight? Do you want to do that in a fun way with other people? Then you’re at the right place. When you join Fitpot you’re taking a big step to get in shape, check your abilities, and win money at the same time! Special for you we propose two types of participation – you can join one of the already existing game, which is most suitable and interesting for you or create your own game. Choose bet amount and the start dates, invite your friends and lose kilograms together! Our team aims to encourage each of you, and that’s why we decided that the prize should be split between all who achieved the goal of the game, not only between 1st , 2nd and 3rd places like it usually goes in all competitions. Playing with Fitpot means lose weight in game format with people from all Europe! If you were waiting for a sign, this is it!


How do you verify weight loss?
Due to the concept of Fitpot and online weight loss, reliable verification of weight is very important. That is why we use a special two-photo validation process. When you send an official weigh-in, you get a “weigh-in code” that you have to write down on a piece of paper. Then you take a full length photo of where you are on a scale, and one of the weight on the scale and the piece of paper with the unique “weigh-in code”. This process prevents players from submitting old photos or reporting their weight falsely. Our team of Fitpot referees then individually approves a “weigh-in”. If something comes out, the weighting is refused and the player is asked to resubmit it.


Wouldn’t it be easy to cheat?
We take cheating very seriously and have no tolerance for it. That is why the above process is followed strictly and the manual checking of submitted photos makes it easier for us to find inconsistencies. As soon as we think something is suspicious, we can ask for additional verifications and you may be asked to “upload” a video material of you standing on the scale. As soon as we can confirm that a participant cheats, the participant is disqualified and may never participate in a fitpot again.


What is a video weigh-in, and how do you complete
If your account is suspected for unusual weight loss activities and cheating, you must submit a video weigh-in. Completing a video weigh-in is very similar to submitting a photo, except that you have to use a digital scale and someone needs to film you. Your video should start with a full recording of how you stand on the scale, with your face clearly visible, after which you have to zoom in on the weight that the scale shows with the “weigh-in code” next to it.


Can I play in more than one game at once?
Currently that is not possible. We are working on adding this feature.


Are these weight loss competitions? Won’t people want
others to lose?
The beautiful part of Fitpot is that players are basically competing with themselves rather with other people. Everybody in the challenge has the same goal and it only motivates and encourages players to do their best.


Is my weight public? Will everyone see my weight and
weigh-in pictures?
No absolutely not. All photos and video that have been submitted are secured and we would never share them with anyone. Other participants do not see your weight either.


How do players get disqualified?
To keep our games safe and enjoyable for everyone, players can be disqualified because they violate certain rules.

Disqualifying actions include:
 Do not submit your true weight or play in bad faith.
 Extremely exceeding the maximum weight loss threshold for your game.
 Not handing in a final ‘weigh-out’
Players who are disqualified will not receive a refund for their bet.


Why are there no free games?
For a simple reason: because we want to be an effective weight loss tool. Only the idea of winning money is not enough to motivate people to really change: it is the idea to lose money that will force you to really lose the weight. For bets starting at € 35, we aim for a selection of weight loss games that suit each player’s budget.


How much money will I win?
Your winnings in any game depend on the size of the pot and how many other winners there are. Games with large pots and a lower profit percentage can have very high payouts, while payouts are less for games with small pots and many winners. We see that winners receive 1.5-2x on average.

How do I get my winnings?
Obtaining your profits is very easy. Shortly after your game is completed, your winnings in your account will be shown as points / credits. If you do not want to place your points in a new game, go to your points and select ‘Request a payout via PayPal’.


How much of the pot does Fitpot take? Why do you
need to take anything?
We want to reward the players as much as possible for achieving their weight loss goals. But wealso have to keep the website ‘live’ for you. Our remuneration is used for transaction costs, referees, and other operating costs. Fitpot’s fee amounts to 15-20% of the pot, depending on the amount of the bet. Because this amount is withdrawn from the pot before the winners are paid out, players who do not win will not receive any money back.


How can I create my own game?

It is certainly possible to create your own weight loss game. This is a perfect way to motivate yourself and others and it is very easy. Just click on the ‘Create Game’ button on the home page to start. Then you will be led to a page where you can adjust a number of things, including the start date, and the bet amount. Once your game is created, the next step is to recruit players!
Share on your social accounts, invite via e-mail or let people know that you will start a game soon. Games must have at least 2 players.


I only want my friends to be in the game. Can I do that?
You can! Although most created games are open, we know that sometimes you want to surround yourself with a certain group of friends, family or colleagues. To do this, only select ‘Invite’ when creating your game, and then invite whoever you want.


What if everybody wins?
If everybody manages to reach their goals, all players will receive back their initial bet.

And you achieved you goal! Which is already big victory!