How it works

How Fitpot works?



Step 1. Create a new game or join an existing one.


Here you are making the first step to your new life! We know how difficult it might be to motivate yourself to lose weight There are always different kinds of obstacles on the way like celebrations, mom-again-made-that-pie or just an usual holiday movie (what movie without a bucket of popcorn?). So you usually you decide: “Another time, maybe next Monday”. But exactly when you created or joined a game and bet some amount of your money on yourself, you will start to feel the firm determination and motivation. This is it! Doesn’t matter which day it is, it becomes MONDAY for you. Invite your friends to play with you it will be double the fun and much more interesting!
Formerly you just wanted it, but now you have to do it and there is no way back!

If you want to create a new game first choose the bet amount – 30, 50 or 100 units. One units equals one Euro. Make sure that you have purchased enough units before creating and joining a game.

Step 2. Check your initial weight.


On this stage you check your starting point. In order to verify your start weight you need to upload to photos of yourself. The first photo must be a head-to-toe shot of the players standing on a scale wearing light clothing (no outwear, coats, jackets, watches, hats or shoes). It is important that the face of the player is clearly visible. The second photo must be a close up of the player’s weight as indicated by the scale with a piece of paper with the weigh-in-code. The weigh-in-code will be distributed to the players 48 hours before the game starts. This is to ensure us that the photo was not taken at a different period. The Fitpot team will examine and approve your initial weight after which you will receive an email with the confirmation. This is very significant part of your journey, because right now you have identified your goal and already imagine (we hope you do!) your transformation and your happy smile in the mirror.



Fitpot lose weight

Step 3. Lose weight.


Now comes the time to work! The first day of the game is the first day of your new life! Life where you clearly see your goals, the time frames and have the precise plan for changing it to the better way! No rush, you have enough time to lose at least 5% in 30 days. As slow, gradual and healthy your weight losing, the more sustainable your results are. Our mission is not to only motivate lose some weight, but to enjoy the process and invite other people to make a change.


Step 4. Check your final weight.


We are looking forward to see your results! A final weighing photos/videos can be submitted (the same way as in Step 2) up to 48 hours after the game has ended. Each player is examined individually to make sure there are no fraud cases and the results are finalized. If we have any questions regarding your photos, we will contact with you by e-mail.


Step 5. Let’s split the Fitpot!


You’ve done great work and that means that you have to get your reward!
After your photos are approved, it might take few days to finalize the game and accomplish all payouts. When all winners will be confirmed, your Fitpot cut will be determined and you will get a letter with further thorough instructions on how you can withdraw your deserved winnings. Final amount depends on the size of the Fitpot and how many winners there are. In principle the Fitpot gets a small cut after which all the players evenly split the remaining pot. Practice shows that winners receive 1,5-2x on average.


Our team sincerely hopes that you will achieve your goals with us!


You can see answers for frequently asked questions here If you still have any questions, we are happy to help you, please contact us by e-mail: