First weigh-in


The first weighing determines the official starting weight of a player. The initial pictures must be submitted from 48 hours before a challenge begins, up to the start of the game. If a player does not submit his/her initial weighting, he/she will be not submitted to the game and the units will be refunded to their account. Note: weights are never revealed without the explicit permission of the player, except privately and confidentially to the Fitpot judges.



We use photos (and videos if needed) for the weight verification process. Each player must submit two photos of themselves on a scale and those will need to be approved by our team. The first photo must be a head-to-toe shot of the players standing on a scale wearing light clothing (no outwear, coats, jackets, watches, hats or shoes). It is important that the face of the player is clearly visible. The second photo must be a close up of the player’s weight as indicated by the scale with a piece of paper with the weigh-in-code. The weigh-in-code will be distributed to the players at the start of the weigh-in. This is to ensure us that the photo was not taken at a different period.

Final Weigh-in


A final weighing photos/videos can be submitted up to 48 hours after the game has ended. After 48 hours have passed you can no longer submit your weigh-out and you will not be qualified to win. If your last weigh-in has not been approved by our judges, you will be contacted by Fitpots team to re-submit your weigh-out with a new set of photos.


Check ups


Fitpot uses random controls and algorithms to detect unusual activities in a game and to prevent cheating. Some players may have to submit additional proof of their weigh-ins or weigh-outs using a video. If the outcome of the check up shows that a player is not following the rules or he/she is simply failing to comply with the check-up requirements it might lead to disqualification and a ban from joining future games. With respect to cheating we have zero tolerance policy.

Prohibited actions:

  • Manipulation and tampering of the scale;
  • Excessive dehydration and binging;
  • Purging;
  • Any other unacceptable behavior.

If players are caught doing one of the following, they will be eliminated from the game. No refunds will be made to players violating the rules.

As previously mentioned weigh-in dress code is lightweight clothing. It is important that players wear more or less equivalent clothing during their first and last weigh-ins.

With regards to the scales, it is important that players use the same scale for their first and last weigh-ins. The scales should be digital and should be used on a hard surface to ensure the weight is measured correctly.


Splitting the pot


After the game finishes players have 48 hours to enter their final weight. Those players claiming that have reached their goal must prove their weight-loss by sending their final weigh-ins to Fitpots judges. All weigh-out submissions are reviewed and the winners are certified at this stage. It can take up to 4 days for the game to be finalized as judges must ensure they do a fair and thorough review of all the submissions. Once the game is finalized the remaining pot is split between the winning players.

In order to qualify as a winner a player must have lost at least 5% of his/her initial weight and no more than 12% of his/her starting weight.




Currently there are no refunds after a player has joined a game. There can be exceptions for players that have medical reasons not to continue with a challenge. Proof and documentation must be provided to Fitpot for verification purposes. After the game ends there no refunds possible and there are no exceptions.


Things to consider


Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in a Fitpot.

Players must have at least a 19 BMI to join a Fitpot. If your BMI is under 19 after losing 5% of your initial weight participation is also prohibited.

Check your BMI here (